DuFrain Construction began in July 1980 with a State of Florida Building Contractor license awarded to Timothy DuFrain, President and Founder; Incorporating January of 1996. Specializing in light commercial building construction up to, and including three stores, restaurant, convenience stores, offices, retail, storage, gas station, etc. We also have extensive residential experience. Tim DuFrain having 35 plus years as a finish carpenter, Nancy Chilcoat with over 35 years painting,

DuFrain Construction is a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, CB CO 17240, allowing us to work in all of Florida and Alabama State Certified License 45351 . for all of Alabama

We can build as entire structure from land clear to move in. Also remodel any structure, to the owner or tenants specifications. Working with many businesses while they are open, using the customer's schedule, enables businesses to maintain their customer base, ever important cash flow, and maintain your employee's economic security. New or remodeled restaurants for example, gain customers during and certainly after the work is complete.

We at DuFrain pride ourselves with the fact that we are on time and in budget. No job has ever been abandoned by our company in its 32 year history.


Timothy F. DuFrain